Welcome to the WoSo WikiEdit

The primary purpose of this wiki is to provide a place to create Wikipedia quality articles on players who do not meet the Wikipedia guidelines on notability. Articles should then be easily transferable to Wikipedia if/when that player meets the requirements.

To find a player, simply search for them in the search bar on the upper right.

Article GuidelinesEdit

  • If a player has a Wikipedia entry, please set up a redirect to that article. Do not maintain multiple versions.
  • Please use the Example Player Page as a template for new player articles.
  • Anything else WoSo goes, but please keep it within reason. For instance, for US players, don't just add every high school player in the country. Players should at least have committed to a college or have been called in to camp for their youth national team. Players who play in the United State's W-League or WPSL are also allowed. For outside the US, please use your own discretion for what leagues/teams would be of the equivalent level.
  • If you are looking for players who need articles, check out the List of Players who need articles created